Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Elvis & Cigars.

I'm all shook UP! Uh huh, uhuhuhuh ...

Is what i imagine Diablo belting {in a sort of New Yorker accent} - because i can't recall what in the world he was saying as i shot him last week, strutting around his bedroom. Elvis incarnate, indeed.
As soon as he jumped in front of the camera he became an entirely different being - it was quite a little show!
Don't even ask about Mr. Monkey. :)

I shot my pal, "D," as his girlfriend {my dear model friend} Stephanie refers to him, in between taking shots of her.
They're such a unique and talented couple of models!
If you ever visit the Broadripple Arts Center or the Art Institute of Indianapolis, you're sure to see some sketches and/or paintings of them both.
I always have a blast spending time with them and shooting them, of course. ;)

Stay tuned for Steph's turn in front of the camera from that evening!

Cheers and remember to keep off my blue suede shoes!


Animation at its finest. Makes me chuckle - aloud. :)


Hey, there, honey pie!

Light 'em up?

Giving Monkey some cig tips. ;)

One of my FAVS from this shoot. :D

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