Monday, July 20, 2009

Stunning Sistas.

It was Jenna {eldest sis} and Taylor's {youngest sis} very first trip to Fountain Square on the day we got together for our shoot. So, as i am in that area quite often, it was my distinct pleasure to show them around a bit!

None of us had met in person before, but the look and vibe of that quaint, gritty place really worked well with the girls! {yay!}
The sisters not only had sweet personalities, but had faaaabuloussss style {3 outfit changes, woo!}, sooo suffice it to say, they were a photog's dream {now, don't let that get to your heads, ladies - ha :) }.
Each time they came out {of their mama's Jeep - aka: the changing room} i'd have a whole new string of compliments on their choice of attire and accessories. Although, my personal favorite stylish item was Taylor's vintage spoon necklace - who couldn't love such a quirky, dainty thing?!

I am SO glad Jenna discovered me and that I had the opportunity to meet and snap these cute chicks!

And THANKS to the girls for putting up with all my ideas and the hot, hot heat of the day!
Enjoy our little shoot in zee Square. :)


These two black and whites are some of my top favies from the day. :)

their mom and grandmother - who tagged along - semi-jokingly asked for some photos where "they look like they love each other." heh. :p

silly - checking each other's teeth - between shots.

For more of these hott little mamas, check out my Facebook album soon-to-come on my Lauren Ashley Photography + Design page with more from this shoot!


Becca said...

I really like these. Were some taken in Fountain Square??

lauren ashley said...

thanks, becca!
yep, fountain square it is. :)

miss you at first fridays last night, by the by!