Tuesday, July 7, 2009

love, marriage & 4th o' July {rain}

although it was independence day for the rest of America, lovebirds, jeremy + holly GLADLY gave theirs up on this holiday. ;)
the couple is adorable and the day went without a hitch, except for the blasted weather ::shakes fist toward the sky::.
is it just me or does it ALWAYS seem to rain in Indianapolis on the 4th of July?? :P

there are quite a few brides that would go bridezilla-psycho-mad over the downpour of rain we received that day, holly didn't let the unfortunate weather get her down in the least {which was refreshing}!

we made due with the overabundance of unwanted rain drops by doing "budoir" pics and other little tricks, which was an interesting challenge. this wedding was the perfect example of making lemons into lemonade.
there may not have been any fireworks blazing the sky that evening, but i definitely saw some between the new mr. and mrs. huffman {i have to be cheeeeesey sometimes, eh? ha}.

here's to hoping for a sunny 4th next year! ;)


evvvvveryone wanted a piece of holly!

my fav of holly and her mama.

flower girl was so not camera friendly - everyone was cheering this on anyway {and we are all going to hell}.

the kiddies were all adorable, of course - especially when not bawling! ;)

can you tell jeremy's a bit of a goofball??



Dana Sease said...

awww, these are sooo great!! I love love love the first one, and then the one where she's kissing him, and he's making a goofy face. :)

lauren ashley said...

hehe, THANKS, DANA!! :D
i love the goofy faces, too!