Monday, June 1, 2009

Up then You're Down.

You've seen my super chic, superfly model friend, Stephanie Kendall many a-time here - most recently strutting her stuff, all glammed UP on a runway in Indianapolis.

About a month ago i gave you a glimpse of her beau's shoot with me {featuring Diablo} and, as promised before, finally have a few of her shots. :)

It's funny to me because this post is OH-SO different from my last - can you tell i like to mix it up?

Steph is a grand-tastic model because she has RANGE - previous posts i've done with her have gone from somber to sexy, saintly to silly ... I'm not quite sure how to describe this shoot, but the first word that pops to mind is VAMPY - as a compliment, of course! ;)
I'd call this a boudoir shoot and she brought IT, as usual - wee!

Happy 1st day of June! There's more where these came from, so stay tuned {they won't disappoint}.



Don't be blue {in the next she's purple}.

She has a lovely profile, eh?

THIS is why i deemed her VAMPY in this excerpt ... still a knockout, whatever look or character she takes on.

UP! {she's random - in a GREAT way - hence the title of this bloggy post}


Pop art Steph.

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Gail said...

'Kay, see, I'm TOTALLY impressed with her bendability (yeah, I so just made that a word!) :)