Monday, June 29, 2009

DePriests in Da House!

that's right, i'm starting this off uber cheesey.
got a problem with it? :)

i did a much anticipated shoot out with the DePriest kids in the sweltering June sun the day before last.
{not the old western type of shoot, mind you ;) }

now, i enjoy roasting in the sun as much as the next person, so i was a smidge worried that the kids wouldn't feel like working it for me so much.
to my delight, their mom, Recina, had them hydrated and ready to give ME ideas for poses! LOVE camera friendly chillen'.

we galavanted around the park - they showed me their tricks on the monkey bars, and climbed to the top of the rope tower thingy like it was Mt. Kilimanjaro. the boys even found a dead fish to run around, waving it about like a prize {EW, right? ha, boys}.

there were a few grumpy moments - but with little H2o and bugs zooming about, it was more than understandable. mama recina was super helpful in bribing their cooperation through McDonalds drinks {SWEET TEA!} post shoot. :)

Westin {eldest to youngestest}, Peyton, Kaley 'n' Mason - THANKS for running around with me and the ducks in the park, and for being such graaaand models!!


i love mason's expression and the little shadow in front of him. :)

the strapping, young men.

and we found duckies to chase.

EXPERT goofy faces.

mason's turn to climb to the pinnacle!

who doesn't like to chill inside a slide??

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Dana Sease said...

Aww, these are fun! Nice work! :)