Sunday, June 14, 2009

New York, I <3 U.

Or, shall i say, I <3 these two new New Yorkers ... :)
Last week I visited the fine {hectic, crazy, glamorous, cutthroat, chic, etc.} city of New York and stayed with my friends/models Kimberly and Kevin - both of whom you've most definitely spotted here in my humble bloggy!

I did more in those few NYC days than I ever really expected ... WHEW, was it a BLAST {and a tad intimadating}.

I did not bring my beloved camera for fear of looking like a tourist while actually being one {and of thieves, of course!}. During my trip, however, I made the decision to pursue my lonnnng time dream of being a fashion/commercial photographer and move to the BIG C I T Y!
NYC here i commmme {in August} !!!!

I also found some roomies during the trip - my intensely attractive K-squared friends pictured below. ;)
In honour of my roomies-2-b, I decided to post these pics I realized I never posted before ...

Grab a GIANT soft pretzel and enjoy!
These kids will be famous some day, ya know.


P.S. for those of you who i've signed contractuals with for post-August events, fear not - I will still be there with bells on. :)

favourite of the group = i saved the best for last. ;)


Dana Sease said...

Oh wow! You're moving to NYC!?! (*now bursting out in song to "NYC" from "Annie," hehe)
How exciting! :)

lauren ashley said...

aww, hehe - i'm finally getting out of indy like you, ms. sease!! ;)

Gail said...

Congrats on taking such a big leap! WOW - SO jealous!! I hope to make it to NYC for a girls trip at some point. If I make it out there with my girlfriend, maybe we can meet up for dinner or something!

lauren ashley said...

aww, THANKS, gail!!
i would love it if you visited - definitely keep me posted! ;)